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Survey Results

Envisioning the Future -- The Diocese of West Virginia is committed to providing competent and strong leadership for our congregations through all seasons of congregational life, establishing trust through-out with an open and transparent decision-making process.  We will ensure that we have a shared vision that unites us spiritually and that provides clear paths for people to engage meaningfully in that vision.

To assist us with determining our needs and our vision, we enlisted the aid of Holy Cow! Consulting. In addition, we conducted many Zoom listening session with clergy and with the parishes throughout the diocese. Here is a summary of the results.

Priorities for Our Diocese

  • Congregational leadership within our regional culture especially with smaller parishes who maybe struggling.
  • A focus on growth, equipping clergy and other leaders with strategies which enable growth and health in our parishes.
  • Promote congregational vitality, help us to rethink what it means to be the Episcopal Church in our specific region.
  • A spiritual renewal from the Bishop, to our clergy and to the parishes, building networks which connect us to one another and our communities.
  • Being led by a person connected to the larger church and who brings those connections home to us in practical and useful ways.

Goals & Aspirations

The Major Priorities as Articulated by the People of Our Diocese

  • A compassionate priest to our clergy and our parishioners. One who hears different viewpoints before acting.
  • Ready to do some hard work, and make hard decisions with issues we currently are facing, with strength of purpose and love.
  • We desire a person who listens, then articulates a clear vision we can embrace and then allow us to work with them to reach that vision.
  • A person who will spend some time with us and get to know us.
  • A person who does not see small churches as obstacles to overcome but as opportunities for vital ministry in our diocese.
  • A person who meets us where we live and work.

Our Next Bishop

What the People want in the next Bishop

Critical Abilities

  • Strategic Leadership and Ability to Organize
  • The Ability to Preach Well
  • The Ability to Work Effectively within our Regional Culture

Personal Qualities

  • Commitment to traditional Creeds of the Christian Church
  • A Sense of Humor
  • A Strong Theological Background

What the Clergy want in the next Bishop

Critical Abilities

  • The Ability to Develop and Implement a Common Vision
  • Skills in Small Church Ministry
  • To Nurture a Clergy Community and to Meet Clergy where they Live

Personal Qualities

  • Guided by Love
  • Strong Pastoral Skills
  • The Ability to Listen

The Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia consists of people representing and holding various positions and beliefs. We truly are a mixed bag: all ages; urban and rural; various levels of education and income; sexual orientation; ethnic and racial identification; as well as differing religious and spiritual understandings, beliefs, and practices. There are those who hold fast to tradition and long held customs. There are others who embrace an ever-changing world and look to the Episcopal Church to not only adapt but to lead in these changes. Our next bishop will need to listen to these many views and help forge a common vision that will enable the diocese to meet that which we will be facing in the coming years.